Dying Forest

I’ve been trying to get in touch with my spiritual side (which I’ll post about later) and decided to go out for a walk. It was gloomy and rained most throughout the day so it was a short walk down the street. There’s this small patch of remaining forest which will probably be flattened for more condos. I have been always drown to trees so wanted to capture these beauties before it gets all cut down.


The Journey Begins

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Matthew Lima and I am a photographer. I specialize in portraiture and love fashion and editorial, which I incorporate into most of my work!

I started this blog because I wanted to showcase my life and what I been working on, which is the start of my  photography business. I have worked for other studios and have helped reach their success, that I feel it’s time for me to reach for mine!

I always wanted to live in a storefront where I can have my studio down below and live above with my partner.


How I want my dream studio to look inside.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton